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5 Zone Latex

Premium Latex Spring Mattress in India

5 Zone Latex:

Latex is also recommended by Doctors. This is an ideal mattress for people suffering from any kind of back aches etc. Our 5 Zone Latex is manufactured by Dunlop process. The latex mattress incorporates a 5 zone design where the latex block comes with different hardness in different areas. These different density zones are designed to conform to individual weight zones of the human body, thereby providing appropriate support.

Some of the unique benefits of 5 Zone Latex is as follows:

1. The ultimate in natural comfort-natural latex with 5 zones is specially designed to conform to your body shape giving support where its need the most. The 5 zones of the mattress provide appropriate support to the body parts and alignit with the body contours. The mid part of the mattress is firmer to provide additional support to the heaviest mid region of the body, the shoulders and the thighs region is softer and the head & foot region is medium soft.

2. Natural latex has outstanding pressure reliving properties which helps reduce tossing and turning in bed

3. Naturally Warmer in Winter and cooler in summer – it’s an all season mattress.

4. Usually Latex mattress is turn free because of its long life but one can use the other surface of the mattress also.

Natural breathing capability of the latex block with innumerable air vents, as well as the supple and soft touch of the very high knitted quilted fabric provides improved hygienic, maximum comfort and supreme luxury.