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How Does Serta Contributes to Healthy Life & Greener Planet

In this urban busy life, a good night’s sleep is the best gift that you can give to your loved ones and that's why selecting the Best mattress online is a smart decision. While buying a mattress, various elements like price, quality, and warranty comes into the picture, but one thing that is often missed out is the technology. Serta - a brand synonymous with quality, comfort and technology has successfully spearheaded the transformation of quality mattresses over the years. As a Numero Uno brand in the US, consecutively for 5 years, Serta is one of the fastest-growing mattress brands in India and one primary reason is environment-friendly technology in manufacturing world-class mattresses.

Let's unveil how Serta makes this possible and explore the memory foam mattress technology that genuinely lives up to all your expectations.Being a market leader in the US, European, and the gulf market for successive years, now Serta is steadily gaining prominence in the Indian market.This blog unveils the finer elements of Serta mattress that divulge customers to experience unadulterated world-class comfort, luxury, and support.

Serta’s offerings for the Indian consumers

Keeping in mind the demands of the market for firm Mattress in India, Serta has launched two mattress models that is packed with features and benefits. It’s manufactured using high quality raw materials, which offer a perfect combination of comfort and support like never before. These are ‘Comfy Sleep Mattress’ and ‘Dreamrest Mattress’ that are crafted using Serta’s patented mattress technology.
If you are planning to buy a premium mattress that delivers, then you can pick from any one of these two and also avail the best deals on beds and mattressesfrom Serta. Let us take a closer look at them below.

  • ComfySleep Mattress

    If you want a premium Mega Foam mattress that offers unparalleled support and orthopedic relief, then bring home the ComfySleep Mattress. This mattress offers uniform cooling owingto the Cool Action Gel-infusion technology in its visco elastic foam that Serta integrates into its design. It comes with an ergonomic design so that you can enjoy the greatest comfort even while sharing your bed. The Comfysleep mattress comprises of several layers that facilitate motion isolation and offers optimal support along your spine with its impeccable balance of comfort and support. Made out of the finest raw materials, this Gel Memory foam mattress effectively relieves pressure from differential zones of the body and thus gives you a good night's sleep. Serta ‘ComfySleep Mattress’ does not only offer great support and comfort but feels luxurious too.

  • Dreamrest Mattress

    With dual-sided comfort, the Dreamrest Mattress is just what you need to banish discomfort and sleep like a baby! Powered by Serta's HR Aero profile foam technology, this HR Mega Foam mattress also offers excellent spine alignment with advanced pressure relief. It is designed ergonomically to trigger the pressure points, thereby soothing your tired muscles and rejuvenating mind and body. The biggest advantage of Dreamrest Mattress is that it is a double-sided, Dual-feel mattress, so you can flip either sidesand choose the feel that is best for you. This mattress also maintains lower average body temperature while you sleep, which keeps you cool and comfortable at night. If you have been looking for a high-quality orthopedic memory foam mattress in India that offers a therapeutic sleep experience, ‘Dreamrest Mattress’ will be your best bet!

  • Comfy Sleep’ and ‘Dreamrest’ mattress online in India have so far garnered immeasurable admiration and positive reviews by users. However, Serta’s credibility goes deeper and farther than being the pioneers of comfort.

    World’s Number One mattress brand – the differentiating factor

    With the rising awareness about sustainability in today's world, Serta strives to ensure that it perfectly matches the benevolence of the consumer mindset towards the environment. A completely 'Made in India' range of products, Serta is committed to protect the planet and safeguard it from further deterioration. This is where the Mega Foam technology stands as the torchbearer for a cleaner environment. This commendable balance of sustainability and technology is what makes Serta the numerouno among the top 10 International mattress brands in India.

    ‘Mega Foam Technology’ or Green Foam technology originated in Hennecke in Germany, is used to manufacture a diverse range of traditional as well as speciality foams. Serta implements this advanced German technology to manufacture premium-quality Mega Foam that is used in its entirerange of foam mattress online in India. Adhering to the international standards of eco-friendly manufacturing, Serta especially imports the chemicals from Europe used in the production of Mega Foam.

    It is worthwhile to mention here that amongst the variety of mattress brands in India; Serta is a brand that embraces this Mega Foam technology to comply with the global standards of environment-friendliness. Its parent company boasts of its state-of-the-art infrastructure especially needed for imbibing this cutting-edge Mega Foam technology. Incidentally, ESPL is the sole company that provides this revolutionary Mega Foam in India, which underlines that Serta Makes the world’s best mattress.

    The production process of Mega Foam by Serta does not involve use of chemicals, like Methylene Chloride also known as ‘blowing – agent’, which depletes the ozone layer. On the contrary, it employs 'Mega Foam Machine' which uses innovative German technology to manufacture foam without using any blowing agent like Methylene Chloride and adopts eco-friendly steps. The Mega Foam Machine eliminates the use of toxic chemicals by executing a process called the 'vacuum-chamber-curing process'. The foams manufactured by Serta are therefore environment-friendly and hence known as Mega Foam or Green Foam.

    The greatest benefit of this technology used by Serta is the creation of sustainable Mega Foams with open-cell structure. Due to this structure, Mega Foams support excellent air circulation and effective body heat dissipation, along with perfect moisture management. Many manufacturers use chalk powder in their mattresses, which ultimately damage the quality of their foam. But open cells in Serta's Mega foam mattress in India make them several times more breathable and durable than others, and of course, environmentally safe.

    Final words

    With its strong ethics and vision of sustainability, Serta is undoubtedly the right choice for consumers who are also concerned about the safety of the environment. With its internationally lauded standards of manufacturing and technology that goes into crafting premium medical mattress in India, Serta promises to gift you with the coziest sleep and ultimate relief that no other mattresses have been able to offer you so far.

    So wait no more; visit Serta’s online mattress store in India and enter a world of unmatched comfort right away!