Serta becomes the No. 1 Mattress Brand - Serta is the New America’s #No.1 Mattress Manufacturer

Serta, a leading mattress brand, is the new king of U.S mattress sales, knocking Sealy from the lofty perch it had held for about 40 years. Riding the crest of an 18.1% sales surge last year, Serta finished 2011 with U.S. wholesale bedding shipments of $1,163billion, about $34 million ahead of Sealy's $1,129billion.

It is a career-defining achievement for Serta’s President Bob Sherman, the architect of Serta's de­cisive growth surge. Serta has gained market share by combining aggressive promotion and advertising. With the introduction of in­novative new products and a push to expand distri­bution, Serta was able to capture the top slot.

"First and foB.Sherman Portraitremost, thank you to our retail partners. You have made us what we are today," said Sherman. “I’d like to recognize all of our Serta employees who have worked so hard for so many years for this achievement."



Mr. Bob Sherman
President, Serta Inc. USA

Serta has just entered the Indian Market. In India, Serta is manufactured and Marketed by Emirates Sleep Systems Pvt. Ltd. (ESPL) Under License from Serta Inc. USA. ESPL is a fully owned subsidiary company of Dubai Furniture Manufacturing Co. LLC (DFMC) headed by Mr. S. Sundar Rajan, CEO of DFMC. ESPL has set up a full-fledged factory near Pune in India which can manufacture up to 200 mattresses a day and are in the process of setting up the distribution infrastructure. The marketing expertise and technological know-how acquired by DFMC due to its experience in the Middle East is being utilized fully to produce high quality products for the Indian market.

Mr. S. Sundar Rajan CEO, DFMC. UAE

Serta was introduced to the Middle East in 2001, when DFMC obtained the license to manufacture and market SERTA range of bedding in the Middle East. Since then the Brand has never looked back and has gained strong hold in the Middle East Hospitality and Retail segment.

“Serta is the No. 1 mattress brand in the Middle East in the hospitality segment and is also gaining ground in the retail sector to occupy the top slot.  Serta’s unique strategy in the Middle East coupled with innovation in product line backed by superior quality products have contributed significantly to the brand image of Serta.” said Mr. Rajan, CEO – DFMC.



Those are some of the highlights of Furniture/To­day's ranking of the Top 15 U.S. Bedding Producers, an exclusive look at the perfor­mance of bedding's top man­ufacturers.
 Serta, Sealy, Simmons, Tempur-Pedic and Select Comfort — are either pub­licly held or supplied audited or accountant-verified fig­ures to Furniture/Today. Figures for the rest of the companies on the list were de­veloped by a Furniture/Today survey of producers, analysts and suppliers. All of those companies are privately held and did not provide audited or accountant-verified figures.

For Sealy, the ascendance of Serta marks the end of a long run it enjoyed at the top of the mattress sales pyra­mid. Sealy opened the door for Serta with a recent series of lackluster sales years. Sealy's shipments are off 7.1% since 2008, a pe­riod in which Serta recorded shipment growth of 18.9% That swing of 26 percentage points in Serta's favor was decisive.


Serta's rise to No. 1 is the highlight of Furniture/Today's bedding market share report; Sealy and Tempur-Pedic are publicly held companies and supplied their shipments figures to Furniture/Today.

Serta claimed bedding's sales crown by quickly bounc­ing back from the bedding recession of 2008 and 2009 and stringing together two growth years. Serta grew its shipments by 7.7% in 2010 but then recorded a sizzling 18.1% shipment gain last year fueled by the success of its iComfort line of gel mem­ory foam beds.

Sherman has called that line the greatest success of his bedding career. Sealy, meanwhile, has never recovered from a sharp drop in shipments it recorded in 2008. Its shipments de­clined 13.8% that year, and plunged another 8.6% in 2009. Since then, sales growth has been tepid; shipments grew just 0.1% in 2010 and 1.5% in 2011.

Serta has unseated longtime do­mestic champ Sealy and now ranks as the largest U.S. bedding producer. Serta earned that top spot on the heels of an, 18.1% shipments gain last year, far ahead of Sealy's lackluster 1.5% growth rate that year.

Serta in India is looking forward to gaining market share in the premium segment of the mattress industry.