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Furniture Today Report - 14th June 2017

Serta  retains No. 1 ranking on Furniture Today's list of top 20 U.S. bedding producers. Estimated revenues of $1.662 billion, a scant 0.3% increase over 2016 revenues of $1.657 billion. Simo ...

Furniture Today Report - 14th June 2015

Serta Remains No. 1. Serta retains no. 1 ranking on Furniture Today's list of top 15 U.S. bedding producers, a signature feature in the newspaper's bedding coverage. Serta boosted its ship ...

Serta - Business India Sept 14 - 27, 2015

"You Spend about one-third of your life in bed. So the quality of your mattress is of prime importanceas it ultimately influences your health.

Hyderabad Showroom Launch

  Serta, America’s top mattress brand enters south Indian market Launches its first ultra-premium flagship store in Hyderabad The one-stop-shop offers benefits in price, choice, qua ...

Serta India Launch - Architects & Interiors

 Serta India Launch - Architects & Interiors

Serta India Launch - Global Times

Serta Launch - 22nd March 2013

Hotelier India - May Issue

Soft beds Hard at work

Express Hospitality - Tech Talk

A Good Mattress is a Combination of Quality Components, correct balance of comfort and support, but ironically in the indian market mattress is considered as just another piece of furniture....

Serta widens its Gap from the USA No.2 Bedding Producer and maintains the Numero Uno Position.

Serta put together another stellar bedding performance in 2012, solidifying its position as the nation’s No. 1 bedding producer. Serta’s soaring 26.7% sales growth last year pushed its wholesale ...

SERTA brand for mattresses increases its footprint

Serta becomes the No. 1 Mattress Brand - Serta is the New America’s #No.1 Mattress Manufacturer

Serta, a leading mattress brand, is the new king of U.S mattress sales, knocking Sealy from the lofty perch it had held for about 40 years. Riding the crest of an 18.1% sales surge last year, Serta ...

Financial Chronicle - Serta mattersses now available in India

Pudhari Serta News

Power of Voice - SERTA, the No 1 international brand for mattresses enters India

SERTA, the No 1 international brand for mattresses enters India

Serta has over 80 years of experience in Mattress Manufacturing Serta, the World’s Largest Mattress Manufacturer enters India with an investment of Rs. 10 crores FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ...

SERTA enters in India

India Infoline News Service / 16:04 , Nov 05, 2012 The rich heritage of the brand enabled it to expand quickly in areas outside the US and the brand has steadily made significant progress and impa ...

Sleep on your health

The Perfect Relief Collection -Serta

Serta Mattress Launched in Indian Market

SERTA, the No 1 international brand for mattresses increases its footprint

Serta, a US brand originated in North America, headquartered in Chicago has acquired the No 1 position amongst mattress companies in the world and plans to increase its presence around the world. Th ...

Hotelier India Serta comes to India

SERTA enters India