Bon Vivant

Product Details

    This is a 12" height, turn free, Box Top design mattress with Posture Spiral Innerspring technology patented to SERTA and is made from continuous wire that runs from head-to-toe and provides as much as 80% more support than single-coil designs. Continuous coils work together to deliver correct support and minimize the impact of partner movements. This mattress also showcases several layers of Cool action Gel Infused Visco. The Cool action gel is infused in memory foam to produce this unique Gel Infused Visco foam. The Gel creates open cel structure within the foam cells for free air circulation thereby providing an optimal temperature sleeping surface. This foam also has advance pressure releaving properties; The gel beads gather around the boady area which requires more support lik the Shoulders and the hip and provide advance pressure relief and comfort. The mattress is also equipped with Serta's patented Advanced Comfort Quilt technology (ACQ).


    Parameters and Specifications
    Collection Name I series
    Grade Name Bon Vivant
    Inner Core Posture Spiral Spring
    Height 12"
    Mattress Type flip free
    Design Type Box Top
    Advance Comfort Quilt (ACQ) Yes
    Warranty (On Prorata Basis) 10 Years