Comfort Plush

Product Details

    Padding consists of high density comfort layers of mega foam (What is it? Mega Foam Technology’ also known as ‘the Green Foam Technology’ is an advanced German technology for manufacturing foam which employs environment friendly manufacturing methods keeping in line with international environment friendliness standards. All SERTA mattresses come with this revolutionary Mega Foam. This technology requires state-of-the-art infrastructure)

    High density Visco elastic foam layer in padding (What is it? It’s a slow recovery foam, also known as memory foam. Initially it gives a sinking feeling and aligns with the contours of the body, it completely hugs the body and there after becomes firm), intelligently molds and contour’s according to the user’s body. Thereby spreading the body weight evenly over the sleeping surface minimizing uneven depressions and provide a hugging feel.

    The top surface is a pillow top design to provide additional comfort and apt for back and side sleepers as it provides softness for hips and shoulders.

    Mattress Bottom surface consist of Hard Cotton felt for insulating the spring unit, quilted panel of soft mega foam and anti-skid fabric to allow static friction.

                    Warranty: 10 years (Prorated)