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The Posture Spiral Spring System is a revolution is spring mattress technology. It is a unique and patented technology for SERTA mattress

This spring technology has some unique benefits as follows:

1. Posture spiral spring system is made from continuous wire that runs from head to toe and provides as much as 86% more support than single-coil designs. Since the entire assembly is heat treated it gives a stable, intrinsically bound spring unit for strength, pliability and long life.

2. Unlike single-coil designs, PSST has continuous coil system which work together to deliver correct support. The Head-to-toe alignment of coils provides independent support. It transfers the change in weight distribution down the length of the bed to minimize the impact of disturbance caused by partner movements.

3. It is a higher coil count spring system than ordinary spring system which provides firmer support and no mattress sag.

4. PSST has inbuilt edge support, the high coil count support to the edge of the unit thereby maximizing sleep surface area.

5. The continuous spring coil arrangement it provides a high surface coverage which prevents the padding layers drifting into the spring there by conforming to your body shape than the spring thus, providing a superior sleeping comfort and no spring feel.

6. PSST have no knots, sharp edges or loose ends to penetrate the padding layers, which give high durability to the mattress and enhanced safety.