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Serta Mattress: Fastest-Growing Mattress Brand in India

After a long and tiring day, when all you can think of is diving into your comfy bed, having the right balance of support, comfort, and feel in your mattress will ensure a good night's sleep. However, not all mattresses are designed smartly to offer the optimal balance of comfort and support that you truly deserve. That is where Serta, the fastest-growing mattress brand in India, can make a world of difference with its sheer magic of technology and craftsmanship. As the world's no.1 mattress brand Serta launched operations in India in 2014, this post unboxes the splendid journey of Serta.

The Eventful Journey

The pioneers of comfort from the USA started their offerings way back in the year 1931 when they first introduced the Perfect Sleeper range of mattresses. And since its inception, there has been no looking back. Serta quickly reached significant milestones and achieve breakthroughs like becoming the leader in manufacturing continuous coil innerspring design in the 1980s, advancing the famous Counting Sheep logo to the Advertising Hall Of Fame, and much more. For three consecutive years since 2014, Serta was named America's Most Recommended Mattress, Pillow, and Box Spring brand. Over the decades, Serta has developed itself into becoming the market leader among top mattress brands in the US.

After successfully establishing the business in the US, Serta started licensing its operations in other countries. In the Middle East, Serta has been dominating the market in the ultra-premium segment of the mattress industry for almost two decades now, with its flagship production facility based in the glitzy city of Dubai. Commencing its operations in the Middle East with a modest manufacturing facility, having the capacity to manufacture only 20 mattresses a day, today the production capacity is upto 800 to 1000 mattresses a day.

A Brand that redefines your sleep

After the USA and the Middle East, Serta made its splashing entry in India through Emirates Sleep Systems Pvt. Ltd. India, a subsidiary of DFMC (Dubai Furniture Manufacturing Co. LLC), launched America’s best mattress company in India with a license from the parent organization, Serta Inc. USA.

Serta now has about 37 manufacturing plants worldwide and has a global footprint spread over 100 countries. With the best orthopedic gel memory foam mattress now in India, the company started its operations with a franchise model wherein it has exclusive showrooms in the various metro cities like Pune, Delhi, Gurugram, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, and others. As the fastest-growing mattress brand in India, Serta has roadmap to launch its product in other cities across India.

What makes Serta the most loved mattress brand across the globe?

Serta mattresses have been the epitome of comfort for many decades. But what makes Serta the top mattress company today? Well, there are plenty of reasons for that which include -

  • Superior technology –The innovative Cool Action Gel Infused Visco Foam technology employed in manufacturing Serta mattresses promotes undisturbed sleep and uniform cooling throughout the mattress surface. Its motion isolation technology is extra advantageous for accommodating different sleeping styles when you are sharing your bed with another individual.
  • Ultra-premium design – Serta mattresses are engineered to offer an ultra-premium sleep experience that invigorates your vitality and keeps you energetic with a luxurious feel and comfort.
  • Double-sided mattresses – Serta’s Dreamrest Mattress is a soft dual comfort mattress with 10 years warranty in India. It comes with an innovative double-feel design. This is primarily to offer you the freedom to choose from two different feel options and enjoy the benefits of both the worlds.
  • Advanced pressure-relief features –What makes Serta the best orthopedic mattress is the use of Micro Support Gel that stimulates the right pressure points along your spine and body, relaxing your muscles and alleviating back and neck pains.
  • Exhaustive options to choose from –The best thing about Serta is its sheer diversity in the assortment of mattresses. With the widest range of mattresses, it has got something for every Indian consumer, for every generation.
  • Hospitality Landscape: Serta is the most preferred hospitality brand for mattresses. Serta's prestigious clientele includes Marriott, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, DoubleTree by Hilton, Hyatt, Hampton, the Leela Group of Hotels, and many more.
  • Unmatched quality – Serta uses the finest imported raw materials to craft mattresses that retain the perfect balance of comfort and support for generations to come.
  • Environmentally conscious – When it comes to crafting premium mattresses, Serta believes in retaining the highest standards of sustainability. Only approved recyclable materials of the highest quality are permitted in manufacturing our mattresses, which are not only good for you and your health but also our Mother Earth.

Expert speak

Serta's design philosophy is based on the three pillars namely, support, comfort, and feel that resonates in the company's experts' vision about their presence in India. They feel that having a grand bed is not enough. A thoughtfully-designed gel memory foam mattress in India is what you need to perfectly fill up the most intimate spaces in your home with peace and restfulness that reenergizes you every day. To offer the best mattresses for orthopedic patients in India, Serta conducts in-depth research to find out the exact expectations of the customers and their sentiments. From how to measure the size of mattresses before buying in India to customizations as per demand diversity, Serta’s mattresses bring forth many years of extensive research and development that have gone into making the company the top mattress company in India, too.

Serta – Redefining Comfort & Support

Studies reveal that globally 90% of the mattress market constitutes of spring and memory foam mattresses and the rest is merely traditional mattresses. With 90% of the Indian mattress market still comprises of traditional coir, cotton, or foam mattresses, which conveys that the mattress industry in India has still not developed. Analyzing the need for a good comfortable mattress in India, Serta decided to launch gel infused memory foam mattresses.

So, the market for spring mattresses in India is still in its nascent phase, and that is where Serta plans to exercise its expertise and finesse. Serta has started its operations in India with a comprehensive marketing strategy keeping the middle and upper-middle segments in mind. In the future, it is expecting to be the market leader for the king size dual comfort foam mattress in India. This is one area where the company looks forward to unearthing massive business opportunities in the untapped charters of India’s luxury mattress industry.

A profound understanding of industry dynamics and technological patents owned by Serta makes it the fastest-growing mattress brand in India offering exclusive products that redefine comfort. And with virtues of therapeutic wellbeing weaved into its mattresses, you can safely conclude that Serta is the brand that cares for its consumers too.